Where to Start

Wondering where to start? There are a lot of episodes of Stories of a Broken Sun! You can start at the beginning, but you don’t have to. Here are some great jumping-on point and bite-sized samples of us in play to help you decide if we’re the show for you.

Prologue, Part 1

The prologue is our very first time playing– or even chatting– together, and we are all very new to the world and the system. One of our players, Whiskey Whiskers, also leaves after the prologue and a new player, Jason, brings a new character into the mix. The prologue is very much us exploring our characters and the Fate Accelerated game system, and so may not be the best introduction to our story and dynamic. If you want to hear the players finding their footing and testing out how they want their characters to act, you can always come back here later. The prologue is exciting because the players are constructing their characters as they play, and experiencing the setting of the Broken Sun for the first time.

Chapter 1, Part 1

To start at the beginning of the campaign story proper, begin with Chapter 1, Part 1. Here, four years have passed since the prologue, and our heroes face their first major trial and begin to see the Church of Gov for its true self.

Chapter 5, Part 1 – The Revel of Veliko

To start with our heroes taking their first steps as free folk and encountering the wider world outside what they’ve always known, begin with Chapter 5, Part 1 – The Revel of Veliko. This is also the first time the players meet their favourite NPC and interact with a faction outside of the Church.

Chapter 6, Part 1 – The Battle of the Oasis

This is the first mass battle of the show, if that’s what you’re into. See the Sunbreakers use their powers in new ways, and discover just how far they’ve come. Each character makes important decisions about how they value life in this chapter.

Chapter 8, Part 3 – Liminality

This is a good jumping-on point as the characters go through some significant changes, and the story takes a hard left. This is the point where the Sunbreakers begin to understand the true nature of their world.

Asteroid Blues, Part 1

This two-part miniseries is a great way to get a feel for how the cast interacts and plays together. It’s a canon story that takes place in a different part of the Broken Sun setting, and as such has big spoilers for season 1. This was our first time playing Scum and Villainy together. The ripples of what happened in this one-shot later impact the main story in season 2.

Mission Report 1.1 – Dead Drop

You can jump right into season 2 here. This is a different kind of story (more cyberpunk) featuring very different characters (less heroic) in a different part of the world, but it is still deeply affected by the events of season 1. Starting here will obviously spoil the big reveals of season 1, but if you don’t mind that it’s a great place to get started!

Mission Report 5.1 – All Tomorrow’s Parties

The crew of the Probable Cause takes on a social infiltration mission and ends up at a masked ball. Things quickly go south.

Mission Report 6.1 – A Simple Plan

The Sunbreakers make their triumphant return in season 2. This is when the season broadens and begins to more fully incorporate the wider world of the Broken Sun.

Monster Care Squad: Diagnosis

We try out a new system which will be a mainstay in season 3. Back on the habitat, a trio of animal specialists track down a wounded monster and attempt to heal them. The final episode of this miniseries features some of our best work, in my opinion!