The Splinter Beast of Sector 5 Summary

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The logo for The Splinter Beast of Sector 5 is an orange circle filled with a crude blue drawing. Many thick strokes outline a creature like a rhinoceros covered in spikes and blotches. The title is emblazoned in faintly glowing letters, centered in the circle. The image of the creature is behind the text.

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In a quad in City 5, teenager Ev discovers one of his friends bleeding out on the streets. His friend claims he was attacked by a monster. This marks the 8th mysterious and violent attack in City 5, and the first survivor. Ev brings his friend back home, and one of his mothers– Fei Hung Lee– arranges for a doctor. Her cousin, “Seifer Leee,” who is definitely not the Stalwart Squall Li in disguise, launches an investigation. They are joined by conspiracy theorist Zin the Birdman.

While visiting the scene of the attack, they find fungus where it should not be, and notice that it is connected to the local sewers. The mother of the latest victim is there as well, and heads into the sewers herself. Later, she meets them at the doctor’s office, but seems unable to process or remember what has happened to her child… or herself. She is covered in blood and appears to be infected with some type of fungal growth.

In the course of their investigation, Ev, Fei Hung, “Seifer,” and Zin discover a conspiracy at the local Shrine. A Notary has been acting suspiciously, and he turns out to have been infected by this same fungus. They confront him and “Seifer” ends up killing him when he attempts to infect them with spores as well. Huge mushrooms sprout from the Notary’s garden, and “Seifer” uses his power over fire– which, we must again stress, is definitely not the same Gov-granted dominion over fire possessed by the Stalwart Squall Li– to burn them out.

Meanwhile, Fei Hung Lee discovers an artifact in the Notary’s office that reveals to her hidden truths about Gov’s Domain, and what lies beyond. The idea of “planets” and “stars” and “habitats” takes hold in her mind. “Seifer” takes possession of the artifact and the notebook, vowing to keep them safe or destroy them as heretical. They head down to the sewers, where a group of mutated creatures attacks them and grievously wounds Zin, who is forced to retreat.

Finally, Ev, Fei Hung Lee, and “Seifer” find the lair of the beast: a great huge creature thrice the size of a person, clad in armored hide and bearing two great horns on its nose. It glows in the dark and appears to have fungus growing in and through its body. Ev is badly wounded in the attack, and “Seifer” wounds the beast in return, but takes a serious injury protecting Ev. Fei Hung Lee descends into a pit full of the strange fungus with a firebomb. As she dies, the mass of fungus and tentacles at the base of the pit embraces her, whispering into her fading conscious mind that Memory has her now.

“Seifer” does his best to cover all of this up. Ev and Zin gradually recover from their injuries.