Season 1 Chapter Summaries

You can read the season 1 summaries below, organized by chapter. Some chapters have an extra report from The Record attached.

The Splinters of a Broken Sun logo is an orange circle on navy blue. The words Splinters of a Broken Sun are centered in the top half, while the bottom half has seven ragged horizontal lines slicing it into increasingly thinner slices.


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Encryption successful

Transmission begins

Observation Report:

Year 260, Month 5 (Spring)

Territory 3, Town 3-7

Incident: The Third Splinter

A sunstall occurred 5 kilometers outside the walls at 1600 hours, and lasted for six hours. At 1601 (2201 adjusted), we witnessed an explosion on the sun, followed by a rapid sunsurge which brought the time to 1901 within ten minutes.

Simultaneously, a small splinter fell, presumably from the site of the explosion. The resulting impact destroyed a hill, but did not cause devastation on the scale seen after the two previous splinters fell. Territory 3 Governor Denton Yang dispatched a full company of Evangelical Order cavalry from Fort 3-26, commanded by Captain Aditi Anil, and accompanied by Auditor Errol Pak.

Unfortunately for the Church, four teenagers from Town 3-7’s 24th Breeding Cycle took advantage of the chaos to sneak over the walls and approach the impact crater. Despite a fairly savage altercation with a group from a rival quad, the youths were able to reach the splinter before the Evangelical Order or Auditor Pak, and interacted with a dark monolith, approximately 2.2 meters tall, which crumbled at their approach. They touched the residue, which disappeared. Soon after, the ground appeared to swallow all four youths, moments before Auditor Pak made landfall in the crater, frustrating the Church’s attempts to recover the Third Splinter.

Naturally, Governor Yang ordered a full occupation and search of Town 3-7 in an attempt to find the missing splinter. Five Auditors and two companies of the Evangelical Order carried out this task, with the assistance of local Church representatives and the town’s 24 guards. The search lasted multiple weeks, but the Auditors found no trace of the splinter. Two of the chained ghosts found a spectral residue which could have indicated splinter radiation, but they were unable to track down the source and it was eventually assumed to be residual traces from a Shrine pipeline in need of maintenance. 

It appears that the four youths who interacted with the splinter survived, but were able to conceal this fact from the investigators with the help of certain Masters in the town known to us and to you. While the four do not seem to be showing any ill effects from their encounter, and have resumed their regular apprenticeships and other duties, we will keep an eye on them in the future just in case either the Church of Gov or the Excommunicated attempt to exploit them in any way. Make a note to flag Emren Pak, Deg Dhanchobiset, Keva Zharma, and Medb Sentus as persons of interest to the Record. Oh, and add their goat Djali while you’re at it.

Report ends.

Chapter 1

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Encryption successful

Transmission begins

Observation Report: 

Year 264, Month 5 (Spring)

Territory 3, Town 3-7

Incident: Impending Purge of 3-7

Someone in the town leaked the identities of the four apprentices who touched the Third Splinter to the Church. Either someone waited four years to do this… or they just found out. This led to the Church uncovering Lark and Hornbill’s collaboration with the Excommunicated. Lark and Hornbill don’t know. I just found out myself. Getting sloppy. The Church is already coming– I’ve clocked six Auditors. Six. And something’s going on with the Shrine pipelines. Something’s coming through that shouldn’t be. The systems… I can see them red flagging the material, but the safeguards have been overwritten. 

There isn’t much time. I know I’m not supposed to interfere, not directly, but… there’s no time. I have to do something. Maybe I’m just an analyst, just an observer… I don’t have any training for this. I’m not a field agent, but this is wrong. I have to warn them.

Okay, I’m heading up. Sorry to abandon my post, but I can’t just let this happen. 

Wish me luck. And… if you have to speak to my family… tell them… 

I don’t know. Make it good.

Report ends.


Emren, Deg, Keva, and Medb were exposed to the Church, and because members of their community in Town 3-7 knew and protected them, the town was scheduled for a Purge. The local notary invited Emren’s adopted father Héctor (known to the Excom and the Record as “Hornbill”) to approach the Shrine on Sacrament Day to receive the Blessing of Piety. This is normally reserved for the most devout citizens. Instead of the usual blessing of extra rations or supplies from Bodhi, the shrine disgorged a bomb. This bomb appeared to kill Héctor and wounded several others near the Shrine. Shortly after, six Auditors landed in the town and began purging the adults.

At the same time, Keva was in the middle of giving a blood transfusion to Zonan Qan, a youth from another quad who had sustained severe injuries. They fled the Shrine, along with Emren, Deg, and Medb. They were cornered by an Auditor and attempted to fight it off, managing to survive long enough for Lean Sosimo-Yang (known to the Excom and the Record as “Lark,” and who had been living undercover in Town 3-7 as Izabel) to arrive and rescue them, using a strange weapon to destroy the Auditor. Zonan collected the Auditor’s helmet, vambrace, and gauntlet. The five youths made their way to Lean’s lab, where they attempted to activate the transport system that had taken them from the desert back to the town four years ago after their encounter with the Third Splinter. Héctor arrives to help, having survived the blast but lost an arm. Governor Denton Yang arrived just as they activated the system and sank into the ground. He brought the Sun with him, and its searing light appeared to destroy the town just as they escaped. Emren was the last to leave, and was blinded by the Sun’s rays while trying to get a last look at his father.

Chapter 2

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The five youths arrive in a large, dark, and empty space. With no other options, they begin to explore. They encounter a confused ghost, giant insects, and a huge spider, which stings Medb and injects her with poison. Slaying the spider gives her a migraine, and later she begins to hear noises that no one else can. Emren’s eyes are permanently damaged. Zonan is still recovering from his injuries, but finds that the Auditor’s helmet can be used as a weapon. They believe their town– and everyone in it– is gone. The four are deep in despair as they explore what appears to be an ancient marketplace, haunted by a helpful ghost. They spend the next 6 weeks mapping the facility.

Chapter 3

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Medb reads through Lean’s books and gets a note: “Unchain the ghost. Head to the desert. Find Mandukhai.” Emren builds a pen for the giant centipede, which the youths name Chitter. Keva and Medb want to figure out the plumbing in the facility, but after a conversation with the ghost, Medb directs the team to the “emergency backup generator,” which they attempt to repair. The maintenance room is flooded with standing water and giant insects, which they battle. A massive spider, dubbed the Ebon Dowager, faces them down.

Medb discovers that she can now communicate with and control insects and arachnids, and uses that power to dominate the spider. Emren begins to “see” again, but not through his eyes; instead, he sees through a specific type of material that threads throughout the facility. The youths reactivate the emergency power, and this seems to fix the ghost, who claims their name is Hub.

Hub fills them in on some important information neither the youths nor anyone else in Gov’s Domain knows: they are not on a planet. They are on a space habitat, far in the future of humanity, hiding in the asteroid belt from some type of phenomenon called The Emergency. The Sun is not supposed to be in this habitat at all– it is outside technology that has been poorly hacked in. The facility they are in is a transit station similar to large train stations on old Earth. The last thing Hub remembers is being shut down due to an incoming attack. It appears that the original settlements and structures on this habitat have been buried beneath several hundred meters of asteroid debris, trash, and sand. We learn that this is, in fact, a science fiction story about the after-effects of colonization.

Hub opens up the hotel and prepares rooms for the youths, who go to rest. Keva gets a headache.

Chapter 4

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Hub tells the youths about artificial intelligence and “chaining,” a process by which AIs regulate their personalities and interests. Chaining can be voluntary… or not. An unchained AI, according to Hub, risks becoming too detached from the human experience to continue valuing and contributing to human life– and Hub expresses that they are uncomfortable with the idea.

Later, Hub is able to use their scanning technology and the medical bay– with Medb’s help– to learn more about what is happening to Emren, Keva, and Medb due to their interaction with the splinter. Keva grows frustrated that her power– something to do with “blending”– has yet to manifest, and her headache continues to get worse. She asks Medb for help. Keva is able to unleash her powers– a pair of silvery, extendable locks of hair sprouting from her temples, which she can use to interface with technology and people.

Zonan and Hub hack the Auditor’s helmet, finding that there is a limited artificial intelligence inside. They trick this DAImon (Degenerated Artifical Intelligence) into helping Zonan. He names it Matt DAImon.

Using a combination of old maps and Lean’s journals, everyone works together to find a transit station near where this Mandukhai person is out in the desert. Hub sends them to an abandoned and buried mall filled with the mummified remains of people who did not escape the Sun’s initial attack. Deg stays behind at Hub, dealing with his own transformation. The rest make their way through the ancient mall, facing obstacles and wild dogs (none of the dogs get hurt), then modify a weather control system to blast a hole through the debris and to the surface of the desert.

Chapter 5

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Receiving priority transmission. . . Decryption successful

Transmission begins

Year 264, Month 7 (Summer)

From: Exile’s End

Re: Protocol Otchok

Following the incident at 3-7, the Church has escalated their patrols of Sector 3 and the surrounding desert. This puts the Oasis at risk, as well as our Records operatives at all levels. 

Activate Protocol Otchok immediately. 

Thrush, encourage Macaw, Kingfisher, and Albatross to accelerate the timetable on Project Katemera. I have a feeling we’re going to need it sooner rather than later. They still don’t know you’re working for us, but in this matter our interests coincide. We’ll send support. Expect Lark again soon. Hornbill will not be joining you. 

Remember your drop points, and stay off the Wave. It looks like this is it. Good luck, everyone. 

See you on the other side of the war. 

Transmission ends.


Receiving EMERGENCY transmission. . . Decryption successful

Transmission begins

Year 264, Month 7 (Summer)

From: Exile’s End

I know we just activated Protocol Otchok, but this news cannot wait, and all of our agents need to hear this immediately: 

The Hub has been activated. Repeat: The Hub has been activated.

If we know this, then so does the Church, and so does the Excom. We do not know who reactivated the Hub, or how, or where it is right now. Be assured that everyone will be looking for it, including us.

Keep your eyes on the sun and step lightly.

Transmission ends.


On the surface once again, our heroes find themselves in the desert outside of Sector 3. They make their way through the sand until they are ambushed by an unknown group rising out of the sand, led by a massive and powerful woman. She introduces herself as Mandukhai al-Armouti whose Joy is Fire, High Priestess of the Dunes and Champion of Veliko. She leads the Revel of Veliko, headquartered in some ruins at a nearby oasis. The Revel of Veliko exists to find joy in life, and shelter heretics from the Church. They also meet Karris Zhongson whose Voice Whispers Storms, a former Auditor who Matt DAImon says is extremely dangerous. They now work as Mandukhai’s right hand. There are several other members of the Revel in the caverns of the oasis as well, and they throw a feast for the youths. Most importantly, Mandukhai reveals that the purge of Town 3-7 was not successful due to Lean’s intervention– just as Den has the power to pull the Sun towards him, Lean seems to have the power to push it away. The youths learn that their pet goat, Djali, is among the survivors… but that Héctor Qeema, Emren’s father, was not.

The ruins at the oasis turn out to be a crashed spaceship. The four find a way to activate it using Emren and Keva’s powers, but this has unintended consequences when the ship lights up brightly enough to signal the Evangelical Order patrols. The Church is coming for the Revel of Veliko.

Chapter 6

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At the Battle of the Oasis, Emren draws his father’s blade and takes lives for the first time. Each drop of blood dims his new eyes until he comes face to face with an Auditor. Meanwhile, Medb struggles to use her control over insects to affect the battle. Keva and Zonan work to get the spaceship running. Mandukhai, Karris, Bellcamp, and Algar spearhead the Revel’s efforts to drive off the Evangelical Order. Mandukhai’s power is revealed: she transforms into a being of pure light who can fly and has great strength. Bellcamp uses his musical powers to bolster the Revel, boosted by Algar’s innovative inventions.

Even so, things look bad against the might of the Church’s army. Mandukhai is badly wounded in her battle with the Auditors, and Karris uses their storm voice to rescue her. The Revel of Veliko begins to stage a retreat through the underground river while the forces outside battle to delay the Evangelical Order.

Chapter 7

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While the Revel of Veliko carries out their evacuation to Exile’s End, Emren, Medb, and Mandukhai continue to hold off the Evangelical Order. Emren’s duel with an Auditor takes a turn for the worse, and the wounded Mandukhai flies him and Medb away from the battlefield. Along with Zhasta Hong– a teacher from the Revel– and her young charges, they make their way back into the underground mall. There, Medb pushes herself to the limit to keep Mandukhai alive and devises a plan to scare the pursuing soldiers with her insect swarm. Emren uses his powers to hold back the soldiers while Medb figures out how to get Mandukhai, Zhasta, and the children through the Hub’s transit system without the proper nanomachines. They are able to escape by the skin of their teeth, though Emren and Mandukhai are barely alive by the end.

Meanwhile, Keva and Zonan manage to get the ship working. Keva uses her synthesis powers to bond with the limited AI in what turns out to be a space bus, and is able to activate its defensive forcefield. Zonan meets with Thed Li, an enigmatic member of the Revel who claims to answer to a boss above Mandukhai. Keva is able to use the ship’s forcefield as a weapon, and repels an Auditor so hard that it crashes into the Sun, causing a huge explosion.

The Sun goes out, spraying splinters across Gov’s Domain.

Chapter 8

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Back at the Hub, our heroes reunite. Hub and Medb’s swarm of giant insects work together to prepare rooms for the Revel of Veliko. Zonan and Keva acclimate the Revel to the real world– and the big bugs– in part by putting a clown wig on a large ant named Jeremy. Jeremy is very popular with the children.

Medb uses the medical bay to treat Emren, Mandukhai, and Karris. Unfortunately, because the Sun was so poorly installed, the lack of its light has many unintended consequences. Food won’t grow properly– not just in the Hub’s new gardens, shepherded by the now plant-like Deg, but across Gov’s Domain. In addition, Hub is losing power without a solar charge.

The young heroes– now called the Sunbreakers by many– begin to figure out what to do about the food and power situation. Keva reinvents gogurt. Hub’s old maps and knowledge of the habitat come in handy, and they devise a plan to go out onto the hull of the habitat, in space, to clean off some solar panels and wire them directly to Hub. To do so, they salvage some old spaceworthy powersuits and modify their ship, the Express.

They set off for a hole in the hull, which turns out to be a bore hole from a giant laser. As they descend through the bore hole, they find the buried remains of an expedition from outside the habitat. The leader of this expedition was someone named Commander Sosimo, who shares at least a surname with Lean. It appears that most of the expedition members died during the ascent into the habitat, as if they were fleeing something.

As they exit the habitat, they find the remains of an old flag covered in stars and stripes.

Chapter 9

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The Sunbreakers emerge onto the outer hull of their world. For the first time, they see the stars. In the distance, Sol lies shrouded in some kind of cloud. There is evidence of ancient violence and lost technology all around. Even the outer hull is crusted with debris and the remains of asteroids, as if to better hide it from the Emergency they fled so long ago. Emren salvages parts from an old spaceship, hoping to use them in the solar panel repairs.

Following a feeling that pulls at them, they encounter an entity called Memory. It shares memories of the world before the Emergency with them, and each of the young heroes takes on those memories as if they were their own.

Emren remembers being a student in Nigeria as “Project Àpótí” began: great swarms of constructor bots launched secretly into space by a cooperative of nations consume the debris in orbit and use it to build the habitat.

Zonan remembers trying to break the Earth-Moon-Earth speed record, and instead crashing into the arriving Andromedan mothership.

Medb remembers being a diplomat, part of this League of Orbital Nations who built the habitat. She is meeting an alien for the first time: an Andromedan, sapient gas born in a nebula. The Andromedan ambassador warns her that the message sent out into space from the habitat was received not just by them, but by less benign creatures as well.

Keva remembers giving birth, a thing that never happens in Gov’s Domain. The child is a miracle, as so few babies survived after the coming of the Emergency.

Reeling from the trauma of having whole lives added to their memories, the Sunbreakers stagger across the surface to the solar panels, newly suspicious even of each other in some cases.

At the field of solar panels, they encounter a damaged war machine that resembles a glowing squid. It attacks them and they barely defeat it. Working together, they are able to repair the solar panels and return to the habitat the way they came.

Chapter 10

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Back inside the habitat, the Sunbreakers board the Express and set off for the Hub. Unfortunately, they are pursued by a new type of flying Auditor. It attempts to contact them through Matt DAImon, but they escape. The flying Auditor does leave a message with Matt, but only Zonan knows it’s there. He does not listen to it at first.

Back at the Hub, Mandukhai and the Revel greet the Sunbreakers with a flag: the orange circle of the Sun, broken into horizontal pieces along the bottom half. They are inducted into the Excom as an official faction, recognized by Exile’s End for their contributions to the battle against the Church of Gov. Most of the Sunbreakers do not feel like celebrating, but slip off to work on their own quiet projects. Zonan has a heart-to-heart with Karris. Emren has an intimate conversation with Mandukhai. Medb continues her studies. Everyone takes time to rest and heal before the next battle.

In the night, Zonan listens to the message. It is an offer of amnesty from Governor Denton Yang. Leaving gifts for his friends, he sneaks out through Hub and meets Den in the desert. Den gives him the option of surrendering and living out his life in Sector 3, so long as he is willing to give up access to Hub– and let Den reprogram Matt DAImon. At the last minute Zonan changes his mind and attacks Den, but is handily defeated. Lean arrives and drives Den away, rescuing Zonan and taking him to the Hub. Neither Lean nor Zonan share what happened with the others.

Chapter 11

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This chapter takes place after the events of Inchoate.

The Sunbreakers awaken with yet another set of memories in their minds and find that Hub has crashed. There is a battle going on nearby as they slowly regain consciousness. Zonan has returned, but is badly wounded and suffering from a concussion.

The battle is between Hub’s reactivated guard robots and Lean’s faction of the Excom, Rainbow’s Apogee. The Sunbreakers who are able to join the battle, attempting to put down rather than destroy the robots; they will need them to help against the Evangelical Order. They successfully reboot Hub, who now has access to their full memories.

Den arrives in Hub, having used Zonan’s blood to gain access. Hub insists that he is not the true enemy of the Sunbreakers, and they agree to hear him out. Den explains that he met someone from the Sun, and what he learned drove him to destroy the tower at Bodhi, along with the entire Minister’s Conclave and Sun Minister de Winton himself. Everyone shares what they’ve learned about the Church of Gov’s true face. Reluctantly, the Excom factions agree to work with Den, who aims to seize control of Gov’s domain.

Zora Zhackson arrives in Hub along with Carla al-Wong and the memory core of Empy, a mechanic who fell from the Sun when Keva broke it. See the summary for In Gov’s Service Again for more on this. Hub accesses Empy’s core and he explains how the people of the Sun– which is actually a battle station– invaded the habitat and attempted to take it over. The war resulted in environmental devastation and a near total destruction of the habitat’s residents. Those residents used their technology to render the habitat’s atmosphere hostile to the people of the Sun, who in turn enacted a campaign of genocide and cultural destruction. The Church of Gov is their way of controlling and monitoring the people of the habitat, who provide resources to the Sun– including their bodies, which they use to transfer their consciousness across the centuries.

Everyone agrees that they should go and take over or destroy the Sun once they have survived the Evangelical Order’s attack. Denton and Lean leave to muster what support they can from within Gov’s Domain.

The battle is furious and bloody. Zonan, clad in full Auditor’s armor sent by Den, leads an attack even while barely conscious. Emren uses his powers to shape Hub into a colossus, striking down enemies by the dozens. Zora leads infantry into battle. Medb defends Hub’s core from teams of infiltrators. Keva takes the newly-armed Express out to harry the flying Auditors. By the time Den, Lean, and their reinforcements arrive, the battle is nearly over, and the Sunbreakers convince the survivors to surrender.

After the battle, the Sunbreakers, Zora, Empy, and Mandukhai decide to infiltrate the Sun in a two-pronged attack. Empy says that he has contacts in a faction called the Resistance who will help them take over the Sun. Medb and Lean develop a potion to give bodies the semblance of death, so that they can take the Shrine pipeline up to the invading battle station. Mandukhai, Zonan, and Empy take the Express in through the hole in the side of the Sun that Keva created. Lean vows to keep Den under control while the Sunbreakers, Zora, and Mandukhai are gone.