In Gov’s Service Summaries

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The log for In Gov's Service is an orange sun with seven wavy, pointed rays.

In Gov’s Service

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This story takes place concurrently with chapter 2 of Splinters of a Broken Sun.

The Church has convened a Hunt for the five Heretics who escaped the failed Purge of Town 3-7, along with any other adults who should rightly have been purged. Track down Keva Zharma, Emren Pak, Medb Sentus, Deg Dhanchobiset, and Zonan Qan. Capture them and bring them back to the Church in Sector 1. Bring justice to any heretics who aid or shield them. If you find Lean Sosimo, bring her in as well. Do this, and your debt to Gov this cycle shall be greatly eased.  

With the help of Carla al-Wong, the Seeker Quanjoy, the Sword Zora, and the Stalwart Squall tracked the heretics first to Village 3-21. There, they attempted to use disguise to infiltrate the locals and flush out the heretics; however, The Stalwart was injured under mysterious circumstances, and the three visited the local apothecary. While there, The Seeker attempted to determine if the apothecary had been in touch with or brewed anything for the heretics. Unfortunately, his ruse (in which he claimed to have been an apprentice apothecary in the past) backfired when he fetched the wrong herb, causing noxious fumes to fill the store. The Sword, perhaps overestimating the structural integrity of the establishment or underestimating her own strength, ripped a window from its frame and accidentally threw it into the back of the store, where it broke open several vials and started a fire. The Hunt were forced to abandon their disguises to deal with the fire and offer reparations for the damage. 

During the fire, Carla spotted her former friend Esme Zhongson– now a wanted member of the Excom faction Rainbow’s Apogee– fleeing the local shrine and stealing the Hunt’s six-in-hand goat carriage. The Seeker and his ram, Ramulus, set off into the desert to track her, while the Sword, the Stalwart, and Carla procured a four-in-hand cart to pursue. 

This is where things started to get a little weird. The Hunt found their cart abandoned in the desert between Village 3-21 and the ruins of Town 3-7. There was no sign of Esme. The Seeker eventually found a footprint, and from there discovered that part of the ground was not actually ground– despite its appearance– and in fact concealed a stairwell leading to a well-used tunnel. The Stalwart was unable to decipher the ancient text on the tunnel’s door, but the Sword was able to pry it open– though not without hurting her leg. The Hunt then pursued Esme through the tunnels and came out near the center of Town 3-7, where they encountered a pack of wild boars, which they dispatched. 

Inside the damaged shrine of 3-7, the Hunt encountered wanted heretics Héctor Qeema, Lean Sosimo Yang, and Esme Zhongson of Rainbow’s Apogee. Héctor battled the Hunt, nearly killing the Sword, but was killed by the Stalwart just as Lean and Esme escaped via unusual means– they sank into the shrine, disappearing. At this time, the shrine collapsed. Members of the Hunt noticed Lean and Esme smearing a paste on their faces before the shrine took them.

The Hunt then discovered another hidden tunnel beneath the shrine, where a different faction of Excom heretics were attempting to load something onto boats and escape via the underground river. The Hunt captured two of the heretics and killed several more, but were unable to stop the leaders of the Excom faction from escaping. They overheard the names “Rayis” and “Karym.” Rayis appears to have been injured by the substance they were loading onto the boat, some of which the Seeker damaged with a flaming arrow. 

These two heretics seemed to possess Splinter-based powers, suggesting they have been to Exile’s End– a location we have yet to discover– or have somehow come in contact with a Splinter by some other means. Rayis summoned ghostly blades, and Karym caused an arrow to disintegrate mid-flight. These abilities have been added to their files.

The Hunt has been put on hold until we find a new lead. The six youths from Town 3-7, along with Lean herself, remain at large. Héctor’s body has been recovered from the ruins of Town 3-7’s shrine– ironically, from the very spot where he was to die in the first place. His remains will be sent up for processing, as Gov demands.

In Gov’s Service Again

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This series takes place concurrently with Chapter 6 of Splinters of a Broken Sun.

Seeker Quanjoy has not been idle: with the assistance of Ramulus, he has been gathering scraps of information, cobbling together leads, and tracking down even the least reputable witnesses. 

When the earth itself split open outside Sector 3, the Seeker was already nearby searching for the Oasis, headquarters of the Excom faction known as the Revel of Veliko. While the army and the Auditors marched on the Oasis, the Seeker made his way to the new hole in the ground. He witnessed the giant, glowing chicken streak across the sky, watched the woman made of light fall into the hole, and followed that tunnel to the strange underground complex in pursuit of the heretics. There, he gathered a few dusty remnants of Emren Pak’s blood from the plaza below the room where the remnants of the Revel disappeared, along with Emren Pak and Medb Sentus. 

Shortly afterwards, while exploring the underground complex, there was the muted boom of a great explosion. Racing to the surface with Ramulus and the Evangelical Order scouts, Quanjoy sees the sun explode. Five splinters rain down upon Gov’s Domain, throwing up mushroom clouds in the wake of their devastating impacts.

Governor Denton Yang again convenes the Hunt, summoning the Stalwart Squall Li and the Sword Zora Zhackson to join the Seeker Quanjoy outside sector 3. He sends his scribe, Carla al-Wong, to accompany them. Their goal is to recover one of the Splinters that fell from the broken Sun and landed well outside of Gov’s Domain.

The Hunt and Carla make their way out into the trackless deserts and encounter a group of sandship raiders, learning that there are in fact settlements and factions surviving outside of Gov’s Domain. After a failed attempt at subterfuge, the Hunt takes control of the sandship by killing its crew, and continues on to the Splinter’s landing site. There, they make their way through the strange storm surrounding the Splinter and come face to face with strange squid-like creatures attacking something in the crater. The squids do not seem interested in the Hunt or Carla until they attack, at which point the battle is joined on all sides.

The Hunt defeats the squids and rescues their target, which turns out to be a small red robot who talks like a man. He introduces himself as Empy, a mechanic from inside the Sun. He claims that everyone in Gov’s Domain is the victim of horrible lies and exploitation by the inhabitants of the Sun, and asks the Hunt to take his memory core to the Hub. Empy’s body, like all technology built by the Sun, cannot survive in Gov’s Domain due to something that happened when the Sun first invaded. The members of the Hunt agree to take care of Empy’s memory core, and decide not to report back to Governor Denton Yang after all. Faith shaken, they set out in search of the Hub, hoping to learn the truth of Empy’s words.