Asteroid Blues Summary

Read the Asteroid Blues summary below. Asteroid Blues takes place between Chapter 11 of Splinters of a Broken Sun and Mission Report 1.1 of Specters of a Broken Sun.

An orange horizontal oval contains the word "ASTEROID" in a futuristic blue font. Beneath that is the word "BLUES" in the same font, but in a gradient of orange to blue. The word is surrounded by 5 vertical ovals in a semicircle formation, also with an orange to blue gradient.

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We are introduced to the domain of the Hygeian Legistocracy and the intrepid crew of the Spot, Gill McGill, Nova Valkyrie, and Xavier Quagg. Hired by Eden’s Gate to track down a rogue assassin, Cho, and his mysterious cargo, the crew corners him at a hotel. After a tense stand-off with a sniper on the hotel roof and a high-speed chase, the crew disarms and captures the notorious Cho. Complications arise for the crew when a drunken Gill broadcasts their possession of Cho and the artifact, Nova acquires a dangerous toy from a man in a van down by the river.

Xavier does some schmoozing and sleuthing, discovering that in addition to Eden’s Gate, another faction wants to get their mitts on Cho and the artifact: The Shroud. They are a much more powerful group, so the crew decides to side with them for a larger payday and to live up to their fearsome reputation. The crew spaces Cho– or at least Xavier does– and just as Nova is about to blast the artifact into the next millennium with a highly illegal plasma cannon, the artifact comes to life. It reveals itself as Em Kayvee, a dapper gentleman and shrewd negotiator who offers the crew quite the spoils for assistance in squelching a rebellion on a faraway space habitat. The crew agrees to this, though they have their doubts, and ferries Em Kayvee back to the Logistocracy to make his plea to the powers that be.

Summary by Velvet.