Splinters of a Broken Sun: Chapter 5, Part 1 – The Revel of Veliko

She walks towards you. She's holding the strangest-looking spear-- it's a monk's spade: one side of it is a crescent moon, and the other side is a shovel. She's wearing these green robes: they're green and gold, and they're bright. Her hair, jet black, i...

She walks towards you. She’s holding the strangest-looking spear– it’s a monk’s spade: one side of it is a crescent moon, and the other side is a shovel. She’s wearing these green robes: they’re green and gold, and they’re bright. Her hair, jet black, is wrapped around her head beneath a bright green scarf.

Essentially, she’s solid muscle. Every aspect of her exudes power and majesty. There’s a tangible desire to kneel at her approach. The hair coming from her chin is braided and twisted up with green, gold, and purple bows arranged in five spikes, like the bottom half of the sun.

She has a look on her face: imperious but not cruel, as if she expects obedience but offers compassion in return.

Piercing bronze eyes come to rest on each of the four of you for just a moment each, and it feels as if her gaze is a mountain. She allows the silence to stretch until it is only just bearable, then says:

“I am Mandukhai al-Armouti whose Joy is the Fire, High Priestess of the Dunes and Champion of Veliko. What brings you to my oasis?”

Emrek Pak is played by Michael Blood. You can find them on Twitter @GoodSirBlood.

Keva Zharma is played by Keekers. You can find her on Twitter @beaspacecat.

Zonan Qan is played by Jason. You can find him on Twitter @SingingChemist.

Medb Sentus is played by OG Brown Sugar.

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