The True Church of Gov (Season 2)

The True Church of Gov is a new faction in sectors 6 and 7. The head of this faction claims to be Sun Minister Francis de Winton. This is troubling, as he was allegedly killed by Denton Yang during the destruction of the spire at Bodhi. Nonetheless, in his public appearances he has the same physical appearance as the original Sun Minister, and he has made it his mission to preserve the old ways of the Church of Gov.

Many people have fled the realm of Gov’s Reform in sectors 1-4, fearful of the apparently heretical bent of its ruler Denton Yang. The majority of these people made their way to sectors 6 and 7, swelling the population to unsustainable levels. As a result, the True Church of Gov is demonstrating expansionist and colonialist behaviours. They are attempting to annex land from sector 5 and sector 1, and steal their supplies.