The Sun’s Military Factions

The Sun is a joint military and corporate venture. The Sun’s military factions come from the USA, Russia, China, the UK, Japan, and other wealthy nations that worked together to build the Sun (originally dubbed JOBS- the Joint Orbital Battle Station) in response to the perceived threat of the League of Orbital Nations Habitat, and to maintain a balance of power in space between wealthy and powerful nations.

The Sun is heavily armed and armored. Read more about its capabilities and construction here.

These factions show up in Stories of a Broken Sun Season 2: Specters of a Broken Sun.

Read more about the Sun’s military factions below:


The Solar Free State
This is the high council of military and corporate leaders who control the Sun and its people. Headed by General Major Payne and Chairman Elmo Snuk.
Payne’s Killers
General Major Payne’s private staff, including his entourage of highly-skilled diplomats, entrepreneurs, and, yes, killers.
The Sodality of Preservation
This is the department that handles the storage, transfer, and manipulation of memories.
The 12th Solar Dragoons
An elite armored recon group made up of the best mech pilots from China, the USA, Russia, and the UK.
Human Resources
This department handles the storage and preparation of bodies from the Habitat, and assists the Sodality with Embodiment.
The General Grievance
General Griefer’s posse of cronies, and his staff. They tend to talk like old-timey gangsters.
Section Blue
Intelligence services. Spies and black ops. The Sun’s secret police. They report directly to General Payne.
Hornet Squad
A distinguished group of soldiers who use jetpacks to get around the station.
Coalrain PMC
A shady private military contractor most well-known for carrying out deniable atrocities back on Earth in the pay of the US government. They’re probably (definitely) doing the same thing now.
The Logistics Department
Someone needs to handle the supplies.
Fireteam Orange
A team of troubleshooters who tend to deal with trouble by shooting it.
Hull Patrol
Beat cops with assault rifles. When the police are the military…