The Sun’s Corporate Factions

The Sun is a join corporate and military venture. The largest corporate donors were Larrup Automated Design, which had long been investing in space exploration technology in order to better exploit resources outside of Earth’s atmosphere, Cosimo Industries, and the wealth management collective Cáishén Group.

The Sun’s corporate factions show up in Season 2: Specters of a Broken Sun.

Read a little bit about the major corporations below:


Larrup Automated Design
Founded by billionaire and mediocre engineer Elmo Snuk and named (without permission) after under-appreciated historical inventor Jane Larrup, LAD is an amoral corporation that trades on its founder’s inexplicable popularity and inherited wealth to engage in amoral research and design– no matter the cost to non-billionaires.
Cosimo Industries
Run by billionaire brothers Niall and Allin Cosimo. Resource extraction and exploitation specialists who provided most of the raw materials used in the construction of the platform (at the expense of developing nations, of course).
Cáishén Group
A wealth management collective. They do banking, hedge fund management, and anything else people with money might need.
Nimbus Heavy Aerospace
A manufacturer of war machines designed to dominate the atmosphere and space. Primary designers of the Sun battle station.
Olympian Interior Design
They handle all of the beautified parts of real space, and their programmers are responsible for the fancy parts of the sim. Olympian products can be found in almost every home on the Sun. Their CEO is Jennifer Trafire.
Evolver Pharmaceuticals
These days, they cater primarily to the richest and most privileged who are embodied and live in the core of the Sun. They were once the top pharma company in the USA.
Exodev Advanced Armament
Weapons manufacturers. They supply most everyone on the Sun, regardless of affiliation.
Huateng Media Group
Corporate media and propaganda. What most people watch, whether they want to or not– Huateng essentially has a monopoly on news and “news-style entertainment.”
A start-up that claims it is working towards using a mixture of human remains and other genetic material to create clone bodies for everyone and start a colony on the station.
Clozorine LLC
A simple think tank. Nothing more.
The top rent-a-cops on the Sun. A “private police” firm that provides guards and policing services to lower and mid-level investors. Spend most of their time hassling people experiencing homelessness and chasing down petty thieves with brutal force.
Danetree Deliveries
They move things around the Sun. In fact, they move almost everything around the Sun… for a price.