The Record

The Record is a secretive organization of observers and archivists who live in the ancient cities buried beneath Gov’s Domain. They are able to access some nodes of the wave to communicate with each other, and have undercover agents at Exile’s End, as well as in the Church. They have a strict policy of non-interference; their chosen task is to observe, record, and maintain a history of Gov’s Domain, the habitat, and the human survivors of the Emergency.

Occasionally, Record agents will go rogue and try to interfere with events in Gov’s Domain. The Record will swiftly dispatch assassins in these instances, assuming the rogue agents survive their attempts to interfere.

Agents of the Record appear in several introductions to episodes during season 1, and very briefly in Chapter 1.

The Record may or may not be connected to the Memories, one of which appears in Chapter 9, and another of which appears in The Splinter Beast of Sector 5.