The Expats

The Expats are a group of people originally from Andromeda and Alpha Centauri. Following the destruction of their worlds by The Emergency, they came to Earth to warn humanity, and as a result they have ended up living alongside the survivors.

You can hear a bit about the Expats in Asteroid Blues, and later in Mission Report 9 of Specters of a Broken Sun.

Read a little bit about them here:


The Andromedan Exile
With access to the most advanced technology, the Andromedan Exile is small but influential. They cannot be ignored. Willing to work with the Logistocracy in most matters so long as they are given rights and certain privileges.
The Centauran Fellowship
An attempt to recreate the central Centauran government in Hygiean space. They have politicians and an army, so they’re pretty powerful players.
The Andromedan Guard
The honour guard of the Andromedan Exile. The best of the best.
The Enduring Loop
An elite group of Centauran soldiers. They are led by a group of 4, each of whom represents one aspect of the enduring loop that is the spin of a planet.
The Fellowship-Exile Co-Prosperity Organization
This is the place where the Andromedans and Centaurans nominally govern the Expats together. Still an influential group, but not as powerful as the individual lobbies.
The Cult of the Emergency
A cult attempting to bring about the return of the Emergency, believing that only those who are faithful will survive the purge of advanced life and thus rule the purified galaxy.
The Fellowship-Exile Resistance Group wants to wrest control of the Hygiean Cluster from the Hygiean Logistocracy and install Andromedan and Centauran rulers in its place.
The Expat Diplomatic Corps
The political liaisons between FECPO and the Logistocracy. No one really listens to them and they have very little influence. Mostly symbolic.