The Excom

The Excom– or Excommunicated– is a loose-knit alliance of people and groups who have found themselves on the wrong side of Gov’s law. Many of these groups are in contact through an organization called Exile’s End, but it is important to note that just because they are all opposed to the Church of Gov, not all of them are allies– in fact, some are enemies to each other.

Groups that are part of the Excom first appear in Chapter 1, and later in Chapter 5 and In Gov’s Service.

Read about the major factions that are part of the Excom below:


Rainbow’s Apogee

A small, tightly-knit group of anarchist revolutionaries who are opposed to both the Church of Gov’s authority and any type of information control. Their goal is to uncover and spread all ancient and hidden knowledge. Their leader is Lean Sosimo-Yang, the Red Band. They appear to all be Splinter-touched. Learn more about them on the Gov’s Domain NPCs page and in Chapter 11.

The Revel of Veliko

The Revel of Veliko live in the desert outside of sector 3. They are led by Mandukhai al-Armouti whose Joy is Fire, High Priestess of the Dunes and Champion of Veliko. Their goal is to bring joy to anyone who desires it, and they often attack Church supply lines and EO forts to secure food and drink to throw lavish parties. They rarely engage in open combat, but there are persistent rumours that Mandukhai has single-handedly defeated Auditors before. Learn more about them on the Gov’s Domain NPCs page and in Chapter 5.

The Phantom River

Rayis Jyang and Rakym Lal head The Phantom River. They are a larger organization dedicated to stockpiling weapons and developing new weapons technology with which to destroy Church of Gov infrastructure. Rayis and Rakym are both Splinter-touched, though it is not clear where or when they came in to contact with a Splinter. Rayis can manifest floating spectral blades, while Rakym has some type of elemental manipulation powers. Learn a little more about them from In Gov’s Service.

The Sunbreakers

A group of young Splinter-touched revolutionaries who escaped the attempted Purge of Town 3-7. They can allegedly teleport around Gov’s Domain, and operate out of an ancient god’s temple. They are most famous for participating in the Battle of the Oasis and breaking the Sun– thus their name. They appear to be allied with the Revel of Veliko. Learn more about them on the Season 1 Player Characters page.