The Belt Slackers

The Belt Slackers are a loose association of people and groups who live outside the Logistocracy’s strict laws in one way or another.

The Belt Slackers appear in Asteroid Blues.

Read a little bit about each of the major groups in the Belt Slackers below:


The Round Robin Syndicate
This is a powerful criminal syndicate. Their goal is to maintain and increase wealth through a series of increasingly complex money laundering schemes to evade the notice of the Logistocracy.
The Hedonarchy
A hugely influential criminal gang. They stage daring raids on HL warehouses and then use the spoils to throw huge parties. There are consistent rumours that some of the masked attendees at these parties are Logistocracy officials.
The Ordinary Measure
Your standard black market. This group is hidden in an asteroid equipped with low-visibility thrusters, so it can change its orbit whenever the Logistocracy gets too close.
The Hired Goons
The body that handles licensing and organizing bounty hunters and other freelancers of the sort. As a result, they are on the cusp of legitimacy– after all, the Logistocracy often employs bounty hunters.
Salvatore Giuliano’s Disciples
Following in the footsteps of Sicilian bandit Salvatore Giulano, these smugglers and rogue logistics officers aim to more equitably redistribute supplies throughout the Hygiean Expanse.
The Church of the Mistake
The Church of the Mistake believes that the Mistake was divinely ordained as punishment for humanity. Because of this, they are constantly seeking ways to pierce the protective Shroud around the Hygiean Expanse, aiming to attract the attention of the Mistake so that it may finish its “holy work.”
Cluster of Hygiea Independent Exo-Farmers Group.
This group is experimenting with new ways of growing food in the asteroid belt. While they are not sanctioned by the HL, the Logistarch would not object to new food sources so she mostly leaves them alone.
Eden’s Gate
A small cult that believes there is a hidden garden world somewhere in the asteroid belt. They employ rangers and smugglers to try and discover this world using hidden telescopes and radio transmission arrays, along with other methods of detection
The Spot Crew
A trio of licensed bounty hunters, including Gill, Nova, and Xavier.