Sun NPCs

Major recurring Sun NPCs (who have actually appeared in the show):


Elmo Snuk

CEO of Larrup Automated Design. His company was in charge of design and construction of the Sun. Self-centered; fully believes he is the saviour of humanity.

Jennifer Trafire

CEO of Olympian Interior Design. Highly influential. Fashionable and cruel.

Machete Clarity

A “reporter” on Huateng News Entertainment. Blustering and obviously biased.

Dr. Reid Tamaranda

Head of Phoenix. Ambitious and well-intentioned in an oblivious kind of way.


General Major Payne

He is the head of the military and the co-chair of the Solar Free State. Brutal and decisive.


CD’s boss. A high-ranking official in Human Resources. Looks like C-3PO with a clockwork Mike Brady face and 1950s suburban America-style clothes. Fakes friendliness. The kind of person who calls his employees “family” to make it easier to take advantage of them.

Whisky Tango

The public face of Section Blue. A supercop beloved by the population at large. Features in cartoons, films, comics, video games, and so on. Always acts upright and proper in public. Slip’s rival.

Dick Hardman, Guy Manson, and Gunner Stone

A trio of violent and amoral secret police.

Lysander Fine

A Hull Patrol cop who patrols the Core. He is suspicious and always looking for an excuse to draw his gun. A decent dancer.

Criminal and Civilian

Extreme King

A romantic comedy leading man and resident of the Core. He works with the Resistance. Charismatic and arrogant.

Empy Three

Empy is a mechanic in the outer layers of the Sun. He has a small floating red body with a grayscale display for a face. Empy wants to help the people of the habitat escape the control of the Sun, and is willing to sacrifice just about anything to do so. He lives with generalized anxiety disorder and lacks self-confidence, but is learning how to stand up for himself– and others. Empy has died two times before, and updates his last name each time. He expects to become Empy Four sooner rather than later.

Cygnar Bliss

A social media influencer with over 1 million followers. She’s built. Works with the Resistance. Bubbly and excitable in her streams; sullen and cynical in private.

Yolo Swaggins

A hitman on retainer to the Solar Worker’s Union and later other factions. Tall and spindly. One of the best around. Confident and outgoing.


A member of the Cult of Bacchanal and acquaintance of Augustus House. People flock to her. She is committed to the Cult.

Kriss Far’lee

A mechanic and black market trader with Junkyard, Inc. Runs supplies for the Resistance. Jovial and shrewd.

Chet Winter

A PI with Umbral Investigations. Basically a noir protagonist.

Corriander Spearpoint

Head of the Surface Liberation Front. Intricate clockwork body with millions of moving parts. Dedicated to her cause, caring, fussy, and filled to the brim with barely-controlled rage at all times.

Chains Solumon

Deputy head of the Surface Liberation Front. Former children’s entertainer. Confident in his abilities and willing to lay down his life for the SLF.


T.E.R.R.Y. is an artificial intelligence who lives in the Probable Cause– the orb-shaped vehicle where Slip, CD, and Augustus make their headquarters. They have never explained what their acronym stands for. They have a series of proxy bodies that can transform between humanoid and motorcycle forms, which can act as transportation and power armor for people with humanoid bodies. T.E.R.R.Y. is bombastic and always up for a fight– especially in the name of toppling corrupt authorities.

See these NPCs in action in season 2.