Hygiean Expanse NPCs

This is a list of important Hygiean Expanse NPCs. They have either shown up on the podcast or been mentioned as important.

Hygiean Expanse

The Hygiean Expanse first appears in Asteroid Blues.

The Hygiean Logistocracy

The Logistarch

No one has actually seen the Logistarch in living memory, but she rules from her throne in Hygiea with an iron fist wrapped in a barbed wire glove.

Hygiean Splinter Fleet

The Hygiean Splinter Fleet appears in Mission Report 12. 

The Enduring Loop

Looming Evenfall  
A sad, kindly cloud rises
Above the nomad (ze/zir)

A kindly and guileless Centauran with a body reminiscent of a catfish. Ze has mechanical arms with 3 manipulators on each, and rides around in a crab-legged bowl.

Dangerous Midnight 
An avid, searching fog grows
Watching the stone lie (ze/zir)

A fair-minded and adaptable Centauran with a round body reminiscent of an angler fish. Ze has rugged mechanical legs and fine cybernetic manipulator arms.

Bitter Wakening 
A light warrior swiftly
Strikes the perfect bloom (he/him)

An intense and unforgiving Centauran who has difficulty controlling his temper. Similar to a betta, he has a small body but many large and flowing fins. Hidden amongst those fins are ribbon-like weapons and limbs.

Ravening Zenith
A silently burning light
Destroys the water’s edge (she/her)

A sincere but rash Centauran. She looks much like a barracuda with the arms of a body builder. Much of her job involves controlling Bitter Wakening.

Andromedan Representatives

(l,b)=(42.42, +7.77)o (“Lucky”) (they/them)An orange ovoid orbited by a pair of flexible yellow rings.

Uses an orange containment unit. Arrogant but overall good-natured.

(l,b)=(192.16, +8.11)o (“Home”) (they/them)A green ovoid orbited by a pair of flexible yellow rings.

Uses a green containment unit. Calm and compassionate. Unflappable.

(l,b)=(112.35, +8.13)o (“Fibonacci”) (they/them)A gray ovoid orbited by a pair of flexible yellow rings.

Uses a gray containment unit. Insightful but anxious.

Human Representatives

Vaxol Grey (he/him)

Vaxol is a 10-ring official of the Shroud. He has gray hair and eyes that match his entirely gray suit. Vaxol is charming and clever.

Stylish Fountain (she/her)

Stylish Fountain is a 15-ring official of the Shipping Authority. She has black hair and wears the orange and white uniform of her faction. She does not tolerate nonsense and demands optimal efficiency in every aspect of her life.

Eli Vok (he/him)

Eli Vok is a heavyset cyborg pirate. He represents the Hedonarchy. Eli is garrulous and flippant, and always ready to put his heavy boots to work. He wears all black leather, with a ponytail and a cybernetic eye piece.