Gov’s Reform

The Church of Gov’s Reform is a new faction that came out of the Battle of the Hub many months ago. Headed by Denton Yang, Beloved of Gov, The Church of Gov’s Reform aims to shatter the old ways of the oppressive church and build a new system following Gov’s true will. Den seized power over the ruins of Bodhi, along with sectors 2-4, following his attack on the spire at Bodhi and his (heavily assisted) defeat of the Evangelical Order (for which he takes full credit).

Den has immediately implemented the following reforms:

  • Abolish Decimations and Purges
  • Allow (monitored) sects of alternate religions to practice
  • Establish the Pillar Care Group to see to the wellbeing of the giant monsters who now roam the Domain
  • Open (very limited) access to the Archives at Bodhi to scholars and engineers
  • Mass produce Auditor-level technology to allow for better defense against external threats
  • Begin excavating habitat systems and settlements, including the external mirrors and the solar array
  • Begin releasing new translations of the Audits and Accounts, which will lead to further reforms as Gov’s true will comes to light

He has directed a variety of other smaller-scale reforms as well, and is working to hack the Sun-imposed locks on the habitat’s nanomachines.

Den’s ascent to power has been assisted by Rainbow’s Apogee, the Phantom River, and Hub themself. There is still widespread unrest in the realm of Gov’s Reform, but Den has “graciously” allowed dissenters to flee to sectors 5, 6, and 7 without persecution, and has attempted to open negotiations with neighbouring leaders to allow immigration from their territory to his.

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