Gov’s Domain NPCs

Learn about the important Gov’s Domain NPCs who flesh out the world in which we play!

The Church of Gov

Denton Yang

Governor Denton Yang of Gov's Domain, Sector 3, is in his late 20s and is a trans man. As a Governor, he wears elaborate blue and orange face paint and jewelry to mark his rank. A blue diadem set with orange gems separates his twists from his fade, and he has several earrings in each ear, along with a stud below his bottom lip. His eyes are gold and seem to glow, which is the mark of Gov's chosen. There's a permanent crease between his brows because he's constantly anxious, angry, and uncomfortable-- and frankly he knows he doesn't belong in this job. He wears blue chainmail emblazoned with the seven-pointed star of Gov over the circular armor plate on his chest, and has a short-sleeved orange robe over the armor. His defensive posture shows that he's starting to feel more like a prisoner than a ruler.

Art by yeosoymilk

Governor Denton Yang of Sector 3 is the youngest governor in the history of Gov’s Domain. He is a trans man with the power to draw the Sun itself towards him, and seems to be able to trigger its incinerating beam. The stories say that he reported his own father for heresy, leading to the Purge of his home town in sector 6. Den is a man of ambition and violence, and is an unparalleled blade in terms of speed and skill. Late in the season, Den stars in an audio drama episode: Den’s Gambit

Sun Minister de Winton

Sun Minister de Winton is the impossibly aged head of the Church of Gov. There has always been a Sun Minister de Winton, and… it always looks like the same dried out, papery, wrinkled old man. He is vicious and uncompromising, and seems to delight in every opportunity to order a Decimation, Purge, or other punishment.

Carla al-Wong

Carla is a baker’s apprentice who got caught up in the same race to the sun splinter as the Sunbreakers all those years ago. She is timid and anxious, and prefers to be ignored as much as possible. Carla currently works for Den as a clerk. She appears in the Prologue, and later in In Gov’s Service Again.

Rainbow’s Apogee

Lean Sosimo-Yang, the Red Band

Lean is a black woman with glowing golden eyes and colourful goddess locs. She looks confident-- even cocky-- and acts as if anything that goes wrong is just part of her master plan. She suffered burns over much of her left arm and leg, and still has a prominent burn scar along the left side of her cheek and jaw. Her smirk pulls up the the left side of her mouth. She's also in her late 20s and favours violet, gold, and light blue as her colours. She has a furry white cape over golden banded armor, and wears a pink tunic with blue trim. Her belt has a small golden bull's skull on the front.
Art by yeosoymilk

Lean Sosimo-Yang is an anarchist, and the Red Band of Rainbow’s Apogee. She has spent the past several years in hiding as “Izabel Cruiz,” an apothecary in sector 3. During that time, she has been building her underground network and shaping young minds. She has a magic wand with devastating destructive power which enables her to fly, and has the power to push the Sun away from her.

Héctor Qeema

A blacksmith and formerly the strongest blade in Gov’s Realm. A bit of social pariah because of rumors of heresy, but he is a celebrated blacksmith within the city. He is quite personable, loving and well-meaning despite his rough edges. Héctor is Emren’s adopted father and the previous Violent Band of Rainbow’s Apogee.

Pelta, the Orange Band

Pelta is half of a mysteriously bonded pair. She and Harkless are two sides of the same coin, sharing thoughts, emotions, and everything else. Lean is pretty sure that Pelta doesn’t actually exist except as a manifestation of Harkless’ trauma. Pelta is ethereal, but acts as Harkless’ voice and caretaker. She is brilliant and can disrupt technology.

Harkless, the Yellow Band

The second half of the pair. She communicates primarily in monosyllables, preferring action to words. When she does not want to be moved, she cannot be.

Viridis Fa, the Green Band

An enigma. Shrouded in leaves and bark, Viridis either cannot or will not speak aloud. They are bonded to a horrible monster that comes to their aid at a moment’s notice, seemingly appearing from nowhere. Some claim that this creature was once known as a “bear,” but that’s ridiculous– bears don’t exist.

Ivy, the Blue Band

Ivy carries a bar with her wherever she goes. She seems to have an endless supply of glasses and wine, and can use the frequencies she produces with the glasses to a variety of effects.

Montoya, the Indigo Band

A blade of great renown. The oldest Band. He trains obsessively with the goal of defeating the Auditor who killed his father using nothing but a sword.

Esme, the Violet Band

Esme is a sullen-looking young woman of 19 or 20. She has sharp eyebrows and resentful eyes. There is a mole under the right corner of a frowning mouth. She wears a garland of dark purple flowers in her violet hair, which is in an undercut. She has light brown skin and a dusting of freckles across her nose. She is wearing a high-collared cloakin yellow, trimmed with violet.
Art by Purmeka.

The newest and youngest member of Rainbow’s Apogee, who took Héctor’s place. She is the same age as the Sunbreakers, and was once Emren’s rival. She is a skilled armorer with a chip on her shoulder. Esme can manifest crystal constructs in the shape of flowers, which she uses as clubs, armor, barriers, or projectiles.

The Revel of Veliko

Mandukhai al-Armouti whose Joy is Fire, High Priestess of the Dunes, and Champion of Veliko

Mandukhai is wearing green robes with bright gold embroidery. Her hair, jet black, is wrapped around her head beneath a bright green headscarf with gold and purple beadwork.
Essentially, she's solid muscle-- though she has a belly like a heavyweight boxer, maybe a little more than that. She likes to eat. Every aspect of her exudes power and confidence. The thick hair growing from her chin is braided and twisted up with green, gold, and purple ribbons arranged in five spikes, like the bottom half of the sun.
She has a look on her face: imperious but not cruel, as if she expects obedience but offers compassion in return. There is a sense of mischief just beneath the surface, as if she is waiting to laugh. It’s in the set of her lips, the twinkle in her piercing bronze eyes. Her gaze has the weight of a mountain and the warmth of a summer’s day. Her right hand glows with purple and gold energy, looking almost more like a portal to a dimension of light than a person's flesh.
Art by Nick Berger.

Mandukhai is a former soldier who left the Evangelical Order rather than follow orders to carry out a Decimation. She joined the Excom and founded the Revel of Veliko to honour the god who first warned of the Emergency. Powered by her community’s belief in her and the land upon which she lives, Mandukhai can transform into The Fire, a glowing being of astonishing power. She can fly, fire beams of destructive force, punch through steel, and perhaps more. Mandukhai exudes confidence and power from every pore, and commands any room she cares to. She is a trans woman. Mandukhai claims that she has been hearing Veliko’s voice her whole life, calling her to the service of bringing joy. Mandukhai and the Revel of Veliko first appear in Chapter 5.

Karris Zhongson whose Voice Whispers Storms

Karris is a fine-featured nonbinary person.  They have long hair with long braided hair in a green to purple ombre. They wear a crown of twigs and leaves fashioned into small antlers above their ears,along with two sets of gold bridge studs, a seriesw of gold eyebrow piercings, and another gold labret stud. They have a distracted smirk on their dark brown face.
Art by Purmeka.

A former Auditor and Mandukhai’s rival from years ago. They clashed again and again throughout Gov’s domain, growing closer with each encounter, until they finally admitted their feelings for each other. Karris is agender and asexual, and prefers not to fight these days, but acts as Mandukhai’s right hand. After a blood transfusion from Mandukhai after their final battle, Karris gained the ability to shout with the force of a hurricane. They are meticulous and– with most people– aloof.

Bellcamp de Wayan who Questions His Worth

Bellcamp is a multi-instrumental musician whose songs can produce a variety of reactions in the people who hear them. He is deeply insecure, but knows how to put on a show. Bellcamp is dedicated to two things in life: the Revel, and Algar.

Algar Tragh whose Hands Shape the Rhythm of Love

Algar is a brilliant engineer whose devices merge ancient and modern technology. She has selective mutism and prefers to express herself through her work and her actions.



Hub is one of the ancient artificial intelligences who helped to run the habitat. They are a non-binary person made of millions of threads of rainbow light in the vague shape of a person. Hub’s purpose is transit and hospitality. They have taken a liking to the Sunbreakers since being reawakened, and have even been willing to go into battle for them– something generally antithetical to their nature.