The Geography of Gov’s Domain

The geography of Gov’s Domain is deceptively simple on the surface. Gov’s Domain is roughly shaped like a giant wheel, where the hub of the wheel is a massive tower known as Bodhi. This tower is the tallest structure in the Domain, and home to the central church and government offices. Hundreds of people work there, but it is also full of decorative spaces, shrines, and indoor parks. City 1-1 grows out from the tower, and from this point radiate 6 roughly triangular slices of land: sectors 2 through 7. In each sector, the largest city is closest to Bodhi, and the smallest settlements are furthest from Bodhi. A wall surrounds the entire Domain, protecting it from the deepest deserts outside.

Most of the Domain’s climate is a steppe, giving way to more forested lands the closer to Bodhi it gets and to desert closer to the walls. The exceptions are sectors 2 and 6, each of which have large inland salt lakes that alter their local climate due to increased humidity. Elsewhere in the Domain, large lakes are uncommon, and there are many rivers, though most are underground.

Gov’s Domain covers an area of 251,230 square kilometers (a little larger than Michigan, but not quite so large as Gabon). Of this, 85% is used for living, as well as growing and tending food, and 15% is unsuitable for long-term habitation, either due to splinter contamination, an extended sunstall, or other environmental factors. 

Gov’s Domain has a total population of 11 million people as of the most recent census, which is comparable to modern-day Haiti or Cuba, or a little less than Ohio.

The largest city– Bodhi, the capital– has a population of 50 thousand people, while the second largest City, 2-1, holds 20 thousand. Cities in our world tend to have over 100 thousand people, but the population is distributed differently in Gov’s Domain due to the climate, culture, and insular nature of each settlement. There are 5 other cities of note in the domain: one per sector; and 66 towns: 11 per sector. Sector 1 has no settlements outside of  City 1-1, which surrounds Bodhi. The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, homesteads, and so on. All settlements have simple numerical designations, such as Town 5-12: 5 is the sector, and 12 is the town’s number, with lower numbers being closer to Bodhi. Sometimes locals give their settlement an unofficial name: for example, Village 3-44 is also known as Qazma. 

There are a total of 231 Evangelical Order forts – 38 per Sector, and 3 in Sector 1.

Gov’s Domain is the setting of Season 1: Splinters of a Broken Sun, and first shows up in the Prologue. The player characters are from Town 3-7 in Sector 3.

Here is a basic visual showing the geography of Gov’s Domain:

The geography of Gov's Domain in a simple graphic: a circle divided into 6 equal sections, much like a pizza or a pie. In the center is a much smaller circle labelled 1. To the right is sector 2. The sectors continue clockwise until sector 7 on the top right, just above sector 2.

The shape of Gov’s Domain.