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Gov’s Domain

Gov’s Domain is a circular plot of land made up of 6 radial sectors emanating from a central tower, Bodhi, also known as Sector 1. There are approximately 11 million people living in Gov’s Domain, and the primary religion and government are united in the Church of Gov, which is a bureaucratic theocracy. This religion is built around a massive debt to the four-in-one god Gov, whose heart is the Sun. Observation of alternate religions is punishable by death. Fomenting revolt or questioning Gov’s Law is punishable by the Decimation of your community, or a full Purge if your transgressions are serious enough. Sun Minister de Winton is the head of the Church of Gov during season 1, while Denton Yang is the governor of Sector 3, and the youngest governor in the history of the Domain. 

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The Sun

The Sun is broken, and hangs wretchedly in the sky above Gov’s Domain. 

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HabLON (Season 1-2 Spoilers)

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Factions of Gov’s Domain

Season 1

The Church of Gov

The Excom

The Record

Season 2

Gov’s Reform

The True Church of Gov

The Fifth Kingdom

The Excom

The Record

Factions of the Sun



Criminal and Civilian

Factions of the Hygiean Expanse

The Hygiean Logistocracy

The Belt Slackers

The Expats

Major NPCs

Gov’s Domain

The Sun

The Hygiean Expanse