Season 2 Characters

All of the season 2 player characters from Specters of a Broken Sun, separated by storyline.

Specters of a Broken Sun

Augustus House (they/them)

Season 2 player character Augustus House is a nonbinary person with great flair. They wear a small top hat with a lace band perched at an angle atop shoulder-length white hair. They have pale skin and purple and blue eye shadow to compliment smirking pink lips. They wear a charcoal military-style outfit given a high fashion overhaul, with a large gold greatcoat worn open, and more in the style of a cape than a coat. Gold buttons and brocade adorn the uniform, and a gold pinstripe runs down the outside of each flared-hip pant leg. They have long, sharp pink fingernails. On their left hand, they wear a gold bracelet that attaches to multi-coloured rings on each finger.

Art by yeosoymilk.

Played by Velvet.

An amoral business tycoon fallen on hard times, Augustus runs with the Specters to build an underground network– and raise the funds to found a new casino. Augustus always puts themself first, but has a silver tongue and a way of escaping trouble.

CD (they/them)

CD has the head of a jackal, much like Anubis. They wear several pairs of gold hoop earrings and a heavy gold collar with rectangular segments. They have matching eyeliner and dyed brows. They wear a cropped purple jacket with a voluminous hood and a pair of straps around each upper arm. Beneath this, they wear a simple white tunic that goes down to the middle of their thighs. They look uncertain and carry a leather scroll packed with medical instruments.

Art by yeosoymilk.

Played by Keekers.

A former medic who now tends to the Habitat’s dead, harvesting them for usable parts. CD is morally conflicted, but trying to do their best in a dark world.

Slip (they/them)

Slip looks like a grey Roswell alien in a bad black bob wig. Their face is featureless but for a slit of a mouth, with wrinkles around their lips. They wear round goggles that show the coloured rectangles of a TV test screen in the lenses. A tattered grey infinity scarf hides their neck, and their much-patched jacket looks like it once had vibrant multi-coloured horizontal stripes many, many years ago. The colours are all now faded. The rest of their clothes are shapeless and grey as well.

Art by yeosoymilk.

Played by Mike.

Not even Slip truly knows who Slip is. A glitch in the system, or a vagrant who managed to slip through the cracks– either way, Slip has never quite fit in. Anxious and confused, Slip always aims to help out where they can.

Monster Care Squad

Izah (she/her)

Played by Velvet

A hunter and surgeon who wishes to test herself against the Pillars who now roam Gov’s Domain.


Played by Keekers.

The top veterinary dentist in the sector.

Yarrow (he/him)

Played by Mike.

The best animal masseuse in Gov’s domain. Older than dirt, and always willing to dispense his wisdom whether you want it or not. Rides a large lizard.

Asteroid Blues

Gill McGill (he/him)

Played by Keekers.

The scruffy scoundrel, “Gill” Magill, is the most naive member of the Spot Crew. He was grown in a tank by an offshoot of the Eden’s Gate Cult to bolster their number of probe pilots looking for the fabled paradise hiding in the asteroid belt. Sometime later, he escaped probable death due to the cult’s disregard for the safety of the tank born, and left the cult. He was aided by Dr. Fatu, an archeologist, who took him under her wing. He ended up “breaking worse” and joined the other outlaws of the Spot in not completely legal endeavors. He has always wanted a dog and has one large kidney instead of two regular sized ones.

Nova Valkyrie (she/her)

Played by Velvet.

An affluent noble from one of the Logistocracy’s lower houses, Nova Valkyrie was never satisfied with a quiet life of comfort and influence, indulging her caprice and need for adrenaline by taking mercenary work on the side. Irreverent, impulsive, and well-funded, the eponymous Valkyrie fulfills her duty of sending plenty of recruits to the halls of Space Valhalla. Nova is the definition of “mercenary”, disinterested in ideals and politics, concerned only with the highest payout.

Xavier Quagg (he/him)

Played by Mike.

Mysterious, pale, and utterly devoted to old Earth TV serials, Xavier gladhands every sentient he meets. A career schmoozer and consummate, liar friends and enemies alike find it nearly impossible to pierce Xavier’s stoic demeanor. The only thing that’s certain about him is that Xavier is opposed to the Logistocracy’s alliance with the Sun, though opinions are mixed as to why.