Meet the cast and players of the Stories of a Broken Sun podcast! 

Current Players

Velvet (fae/faer)

Velvet plays Medb Sentus, Augustus House, Nova Valkyrie, Izah, and Veronica Sterling. You can find faer on Twitter @OGBrownSugar

Michael Blood (they/them)

Michael Blood plays Emren Pak, Slip, Xavier Quagg, Yarrow, and Roger Cande. You can find them on Twitter @GoodSirBlood

Keekers (she/her)

Keekers plays Keva Zharma, CD, Gill MaGill, Tenpeni, and Maria Cosco. You can find her on Twitter @BeASpaceCat

Trudy (they/them)

Trudy plays Zora Zhackson and Fei Hung Li, and is an excellent person. 

Arp (he/they)

Arp, or Matt, is the Friendly Guide, producer, and composer on Stories of a Broken Sun. He still occasionally do Let’s Plays on YouTube under the name Whycalibur. You can find them on Twitter @Whycalibur, or follow the show’s twitter @BrokenSunRPG

Previous and Guest Players

These fine folks have joined the cast of players on the podcast as guests or in previous seasons.

Jason (he/him)

Jason plays Zonan Qan and Mark William Calloway. You can currently find him streaming on Twitch, or on Twitter @SingingChemist.

Pat (he/him)

Pat plays Squall Li and “Seifer Leee.” You can find him on Twitter @ptotime.

Dustin (he/him)

Dustin plays Quanjoy Ohadi and Zin the Birdman. You can find him on Twitter @Dragon_Fortress.

Jess (she/they)

Jess plays Ev in The Splinter Beast of Sector 5. You can find her on Twitter @LittleCuppaJo or see their art and game streams here on Twitch.